About Bayside Dental Studio:

Bayside Dental Studio understands that many people, across the globe, are missing from some to all of their natural teeth. With an established practitioner, Bayside Dental Studio offers a professional and reliable service to members of the general community, specialising in the fitting of full and partial dentures, as well as mouthguards.


Bayside Dental Studio’s work is carried out to a very high standard. The dentures are a cost-effective means of replacing from one missing tooth, to all missing natural teeth.


Bayside Dental Studio offers their expertise to patients of all ages. The services are carried out in a proficient manner, focusing on a successful outcome for the patient.

Top three problems we solve for the market:


  1. Passive/accurate fit – minimising movement/looseness
  2. High aesthetics – creating a natural smile
  3. Professional, personable service

How are we different?


  1. Well trained, gaining work experience both nationally and overseas
  2. Have extensive experience in fabricating and fitting dental prosthetics
  3. Lecture/teach students within the dental field

Why choose us?


  1. Have over 20 years of dental industry experience
  2. Have received numerous awards and accolades during training
  3. Attend seminars and conferences to stay up-to-date with modern materials and techniques
  4. Currently teach students the practice of denture construction in the Diploma of Dental Technology course
Bayside Dental Studio, as well as an in-house service, also offers a mobile service – attending nursing homes and residences. Efficient turn-around is assured, often returning for follow-up appointments on a weekly basis.
The business is an exceptional provider, delivering a product and service of the highest quality.